CEBRI - Brazil-Africa




This CEBRI Dossiê Africa Edition is the result of an initiative devoted to discuss the Brazil-Africa agenda. For many, those two are seen as natural partners due to their strong historic and cultural ties and similar climate and geological conditions. Because of these shared conditions, Brazilian knowledge and experiences seems to be better adaptable to Africa. Brazil has recently occupied an important position in the international community as one of the world’s strongest economies and is now playing a critical role in helping to redefine the “global south” in the changing world order. Similarly, Africa is also rapidly changing and growing and Brazil has demonstrated a rising interest in the region, as well as supporting and taking an active role in its development.

South-South cooperation is beginning to play a major role in fostering global knowledge, trade and investments for the coming years and this dossiê aims to explore how Africa, through a Brazilian perspective and understanding, has progressed in different fields: from foreign direct investment, industries, and development, to democratization, peacekeeping and human rights, many guiding themes and ideas relating to the African continent are discussed.

Centro Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais