CEBRI - Vlll Reunião do Grupo de Análise sobre China - CHINA IN LATIN AMERICA


Vlll Reunião do Grupo de Análise sobre China - CHINA IN LATIN AMERICA


Trade and Investment: trade statistics reveal a very asymmetric and concentrated pattern for trade flows between Latin America and China. Is this because of comparative advantages only? Does it make sense for the region to talk about Latin America/China trade? What are possible ways to break away from the present trade pattern/structure?


At its eighth meeting, CEBRI’s Permanent Working Group on China had a constructive dialogue about the different aspects of China’s presence in Latin America, and the risks and benefits involved. Overall, participants noted that the Chinese engagement in the region through trade and investments is closely related to the reproduction of a geopolitical model aimed at promoting access to natural resources. Another important stream of activities are infrastructure investments and projects, mostly through engineering and construction services. Although there could be a potential for investments to help diversify the relationship, they have mostly reinforced existing asymmetries in the trade structure between China and Latin America.

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